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I think if anyone took me to that PBS Masterpiece Sherlock screening in NYC I would cry.

If someone told me where it was just so I could get a peek at Benedict from the other side of the street I would also cry

basically I’m on the verge of having a lOT of feelings.

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Jesse Eisenberg SNL promo video.

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they can take photos of andrew and emma walking down a street but they can’t show him dining with jesse.!!!


No but seriously, where are the paparazzi when you need them

To be fair, they couldn’t have known. We had our eye on both groups at different times (group 1 Emma/Andrew, group 2 Jesse/Justin/Camille) and in the end we lost them. It was night time, not a ton of people were out, and group 1 was wandering around aimlessly waiting for group 2 to meet them. I don’t see how the paps woulda known where to go. Even we couldn’t keep up.

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So first this chick is all like “hey I need to stay at your house because if not my parents won’t let me out.” 

and I was all “yeah that’s fine my parents aren’t here this weekend so we can stay out till whenever.

So we go downtown and we find the hot guy(s) that work next to us at Taco Bell whom we invited to go out with us and we’re like awww yeahhh let’s go take some shots.

So we go to this bar and the cute tacobell guy and the girl that’s staying at my house (whom I met literally like two days ago) start like flirting or someshit, so I’m like, whatever, let’s go DANCE so we all agree and go a couple blocks down to this club that everyone goes to.

And we’re down there and my other friend is like “look!” and lo and behold the hot taco bell guy and the slut that’s supposed to stay at my house are making out. And apparently, I didn’t see it cause I was too busy dancing my ass off, they started fucking in the bathroom and got kicked out because of it. Now, the important part is, not only was she hooking up with the guy I liked, she had my other’s friends things. Like her wallet and phone and stuff. So I’m not even aware of it at this point, I’m like, eff that, because remember the douchey guy I blogged about last week (probably not) we had been texting and he said he was gonna be there. So I see him and I sit down at his table with his friends, and I introduce myself to his friends, and I keep urging him to dance and for some reason he keeps stalling, and then finally we’re out on the dance floor and this bitch comes up and is all like “he’s my boyfriend” in German. So it took a couple tries but then I understood and I was like ok ok you know I didn’t even know, he was coming on to me. So somehow this leads to drama of some sort cause I wanted to dance with him and she told me again to lay off and then we were outside and I ended up just like chatting with two of his friends and this then bitch comes up, friend of the girlfriend, and told me in plain english to “shut the fuck up” so I said the same thing back to her and went to my other friends and told them what was up. Like three of them were ready to go into a BEAT DOWN but I was like nononono hold up hold up it’s ok, I said the same back to her and after some discussion, dancing, and going back outside, my friend made that one girl her bitch and made her apologize over and over, which was cool. haha. But then we went back inside and danced again and that douchebag German with the girlfriend was STILL THERE so me and my friend just made the club our bitches and danced up a STORM and made everyone want us and danced right next to the douchey guy and that was that. 

At the end we were super mad with the one chick that left/got kicked out of the club with the other guy because she took my friend’s phone and money with her so I had to drive my friend home and then go back ot my home without th eone chick, since we don’t know who we were. So I did have fun, I danced like crazy, which is what I wanted to do, but at the same time I got pretty damn irritated and felt I had to blog it. So I apologize beforehand, haha. But yeah. That’s what happened.

Thanks for reading kbye.

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