Just spent the last like 3-4 hours doing laundry (which I really needed to do since like before winter break >.>) and UNPACKING YAY (also from winter break. Judge me). Now my desk is fairly clean and organized and there’s not a suitcase blocking the door or a bunch of clothes in the corner :D and my bed is all cleaaaaaaaaaaan. Lex you better appreciate because it was actually the nastiest thing before this. Like people that come into our room are like WOWWWWWWWWWWWW THIS IS GROSS. And they’re right. Better now though.

Tomorrow I’m visiting Google headquarters and then taking Lex to my dorm and then going to see STEVE AOKI ALSDJFALSKDJFALKSCALE ASIAN JESUS GET READY FOR ME.

It’s gotta be a great day.

{2 years ago}